What Services Do We Offer?

Consultation Service

CSK psychology offers a consultation service for parents or carers who have queries, concerns or are seeking guidance about issues related to their child’s development.  This can include issues about aspects of development emotional, social, behavioural or related to learning, or indeed general psychological wellbeing.

A consultation session can take place via the phone, remotely via a “Face to Face” online platform (i.e., Microsoft Teams) or it can also take place in the clinic.  The session will last for 50 mins and a short summary of the discussion and recommendations will be provided for you via email.

If further input or assessment is required, this can be discussed during the consultation. If you go on to have a further in-depth assessment with us, 80% of the initial consultation fee will be refunded. 

Neurodevelopmental Assessments

Autism Assessments and/or screening for attention related differences

This entails the following:

  • Review of previous reports
  • Parent interview including a detailed parent interview
  • Screening questionnaires to look at different areas as indicated – may include mental health, attention and concentration, communication, managing emotions
  • Assessment session with child – depends on age (play based/clinical interview)
  • Consultation with school may take place if required.
  • Parent Feedback
  • Report with recommendations and suggestions regarding onward education/health pathways

Learning Assessments

We conduct the following types of learning assessments:

  • Specific Learning Difficulties (e.g., dyslexia) assessment
  • General psychology assessment to look at area of learning and development
  • Cognitive assessments 
  • Report to include appropriate recommendations