Frequently Asked Questions

1.Where is CSK Psychology based?

We are based in the Airport Business Park just outside Waterford City, Ireland. Some of our clinicians do outreach work in Co. Kerry and Co. Limerick. We provide online consultations/appointments also, if deemed clinically appropriate.

2.What are the clinicians’ qualifications?

Our psychologists are registered with the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), hold recognised Doctorates or PhDs in professional psychology and work within the PSI Code of Ethics. Other non-psychology professionals, who work with CSK Psychology, hold CORU registration. Please click here for further information on our credentials.

3.How do I make a booking?

Click here to make an appointment. You will be asked to provide your contact details. You will receive a reply within 7 days and you will be asked to fill in a referral form to see if we are the right service for you. We will discuss the referral at our Team Meeting and if we determine that we are the right service for you, you will be offered an appointment date by email.

4.How is payment made?

We are currently not taking card payments. You will be sent the relevant clinician’s business bank account details (i.e., BIC and IBAN) and payment is required in full before we can proceed with the appointment. Click here for more information on our booking and cancellation policy.

5.Do you provide Autism assessments?

Yes, we are currently providing multidisciplinary Autism assessments. We follow the World Health Organisation, NICE and Psychological Society of Ireland guidelines. Therefore, our Autism assessments follow “best practice guidelines”.

6.Do you provide dyslexia and learning assessments?

Yes, we follow best practice guidelines in the assessment of Specific Learning Difficulties in Literacy (more commonly known as Dyslexia). We also complete general learning assessments including cognitive testing, and we complete assessments of learning in order to determine if a special school placement is required.

7.My child’s school told me that they may require further assessment but I am not sure what is required. What should I do?

We run a psychology consultation service which can take place via the phone, remotely via a “Face to Face” online platform (i.e., Microsoft Teams) or it can also take place in the clinic.  The session will last for 50 minutes and we can discuss your child’s needs and determine if further assessment might be appropriate. If you go on to have a further in-depth assessment with us, 80% of the consultation fee will be refunded.

8.I am considering booking in for a psychology consultation service. What does this involve?

CSK psychology offers an online/phone/face to face consultation service for parents or carers who have queries, concerns or are seeking guidance about issues related to their child’s development; emotional, social, behavioural and learning development, or indeed general psychological wellbeing. For example, we often encounter issues relating to sleep, managing behaviour, learning and emotional wellbeing.

9.What work don’t you do?

We are currently not providing therapy services (e.g., CBT or talking therapies) to clients. It is also notable that we do not offer a service that can cater for moderate to severe mental health concerns. If your query relates to a serious mental health concern and risk to safety, please visit your family GP. After hours, please attend your local Accident and Emergency Department. We do not provide medico-legal reports or engage in court work.

To find out more about what we do, please click here. To make a booking or to find out more information, please contact us here.